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Converting a DecisionTree into python code

5 minute read

It is sometimes useful to be able to convert a decision tree into and actual useful code snippet. This notebook shows how you’d go around to achieve this.


6 minute read

#ml #dl #face #detection #image #processing

3D Morphable Models

5 minute read

#dl #ml #computer #vision #image #processing #face #recognition #deep-fakes

Teacher forcing

3 minute read

Training an RNN with teacher forcing. 20200608182759

Machine learning tools

less than 1 minute read

This is an opinionated presentation where I talk about what are the beginner tools that you need to know, when you want to start doing machine learning.

On cross entropy

15 minute read

Cross entropy can be used to define a loss function in machine learning and is usually used when training a classification problem.



Cluj ml enthusiasts

11 minute read

My last post received quite some responses, but before actually settling on the curricula of the upcoming ML course, I’ve decided to “eat my own lunch” and u...

Cluj Napoca machine learning course

less than 1 minute read

As I’ve said in my last talk at Cluj.AI (the one about Building a recommender system I’m putting together a local course about machine learning.

Scikit Learn

11 minute read

Today we will be talking about predicting house prices using Scikit-learn